Saturday, November 27, 2010

Silver Gold Buyers Mission Statement.

Our mission at Silver Gold Buyers is to take the work, the mystery and the apprehension out of selling goods online for INSTANT CASH.

What items are of commercial interest? What are my items are worth? How much money will I receive? Is this a fair shake? …Or consumers rip off? Is Silver Gold Buyers reputable? How can I compare prices? Check services? Go about selling my goods? Know my insured goods are safe? ...Track my shipment? How soon will I be paid?

How? Folks, the proof of the pie is in the pudding… Come check us out! The answers that satisfy curiosity, clarify what may be uncertain… allay fears, relieve apprehensions, eliminate concerns, and guide you on the sure and certain path to INSTANT CASH are all at:

We are straight up: transparent in the manner we do business: licensed, registered -- in good standing with the State to lawfully purchase silver and gold, collectibles and antiques. Silver Gold Buyers is not about empty promises: or a flim-flam fly-by-night operation, or a sleazy snake-oiled scam... out to sting the public. We are all about providing courteous, professional service to your complete satisfaction.

Our website is our calling card. The valuable information and access to instant service we supply speak for themselves. We are neither ashamed nor embarrassed to publish our competitive buy prices.  We are creative, hard working, experienced, take your business seriously and pride ourselves in providing the professional service you may need. Over the years have bought and sold millions of dollars of gold and silver and other items of commercial interest...

The Terms and Conditions under which we operate are straightforward, fair and reasonable. You will not find complaints from irate customers posted with the BBB or in cyberspace. Why? We abide by our agreements and simply apply the Golden Rule: treat others person-ably as we would like to be treated with consideration, fairness and respect.

To be continued at…

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