Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hi! I’m Fred, one of the authors of Silver Gold Buyers... If by chance you are consulting the stars as to where to do business, according to my Horoscope you’ll get fair and honest deal doing business with me… Why, astrologically speaking, I’m honest, generous and sympathetic. Into love, peace and serenity – not consumer complaints. I’d like to give you more than just an inch... because the times are indeed tough.  The whole yard?  Perhaps! But please, winter is coming, I still need my shirt to keep warm and the arm and the leg.

I’m the golden age senior with the silvery hair at Silver Gold Buyers. Have wheeled and dealed in metals since I was a child; traded coins since I was a paperboy. Have a knack for commercial art, writing, and doing business and find joy in contributing to much of the content and graphic layout for the Silver Gold Buyers’ Website. So, please leave the arm to type and the wise crackers here insists I shake a leg.

If you are tired of tire kicking... looking for the fair and square deal… the stars tell us -- you have linked to the right place at: silvergoldbuyers.com.  

Why? All the information you need to conduct a safe, secure and satisfactory sale, has been placed conveniently right at your fingertips. There’s nothing to lose. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

To be merrily continued at Silver Gold Buyers
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