Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What’s my gold / silver worth?

What’s my stuff worth?

How do I know what my stuff is worth? We begin by educating our customers in how to identify what items are of commercial interest… and what items (e.g., silver plate, costume jewelry) are not. Knowledge is power. It acquaints one with the truth. And the facts of the matters are what enable us to make wise decisions. To help customers separate “pay dirt” from the “tailings” while prospecting in the drawers, dressers, shelves, and other nooks and crannies around the house or at local garage sales, flea markets and stuff -- we have expanded our FAQs to explain things that often cause confusion as to what is hard to sell trash from salable treasure.
We make it very easy to decide if a customer wants to parlay. How? We speak in tongues… Money is a universal language that talks in strange and mysterious ways... We are neither afraid nor ashamed to publish or broadcast our buy prices. We are in business to buy at fair and reasonable wholesale prices, and competitively we go to great length to ensure our prices are tops. We are not about wasting each other’s valuable time with gaggling nonsense. We get right down to business. And let you know straight up… what we can pay for your goods by providing access to a FREE online DIY (Do It Yourself) Estimator.
One may ask: “How does the Silver Gold Buyers online DIY ESTIMATOR work?” To obtain a FREE INSTANT CASH ESTIMATE of an item, identify the type of salable silver, gold or coins. For example, is the item a Class Ring or Sterling Silverware, or a roll of Wheat Pennies, or some other collectible item of interest? Once identified, the next step is to determine the specific quality of the merchandise. For example, is the item 10K, or 999 Pure Silver, or 900 Plat, or a collectible item? Our extensive FAQ’s are designed to help one find the important, relevant information they may need. The last step of course is to measure the quantity (i.e., the weight in grams, pennyweights, postal or troy ounces or pounds) or in the case of coins – simply count the coins, or rolls, or sets for sale.
To obtain “Today’s Price” (what we are currently paying on gold, silver or frequently traded U.S. & Foreign Coins), simply select and enter the descriptive facts, then click on the Estimate Value and preview the bottom line. Our buy prices are determined by the quality and quantity silver, or gold or type of coins submitted for sale, factor in market volatility and, if significantly affected by a change in metal prices – fairly adjusted according to spot close of metals on the date your shipment is processed.
You are now empowered -- in the driver’s seat – in charge from there: That is, make an informed, comparable and objective selling decision: a wise decision… in your best interest, to your complete price satisfaction and does not leave matters to hype, or guess or hope... that price you will be fair and satisfactory or put you at needless risk for a rude awakening or disenchantment...

To be continiued...

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