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Silver Gold Buyers Mission Statement.

Our mission at Silver Gold Buyers is to take the work, the mystery and the apprehension out of selling goods online for INSTANT CASH.

What items are of commercial interest? What are my items are worth? How much money will I receive? Is this a fair shake? …Or consumers rip off? Is Silver Gold Buyers reputable? How can I compare prices? Check services? Go about selling my goods? Know my insured goods are safe? ...Track my shipment? How soon will I be paid?

How? Folks, the proof of the pie is in the pudding… Come check us out! The answers that satisfy curiosity, clarify what may be uncertain… allay fears, relieve apprehensions, eliminate concerns, and guide you on the sure and certain path to INSTANT CASH are all at:

We are straight up: transparent in the manner we do business: licensed, registered -- in good standing with the State to lawfully purchase silver and gold, collectibles and antiques. Silver Gold Buyers is not about empty promises: or a flim-flam fly-by-night operation, or a sleazy snake-oiled scam... out to sting the public. We are all about providing courteous, professional service to your complete satisfaction.

Our website is our calling card. The valuable information and access to instant service we supply speak for themselves. We are neither ashamed nor embarrassed to publish our competitive buy prices.  We are creative, hard working, experienced, take your business seriously and pride ourselves in providing the professional service you may need. Over the years have bought and sold millions of dollars of gold and silver and other items of commercial interest...

The Terms and Conditions under which we operate are straightforward, fair and reasonable. You will not find complaints from irate customers posted with the BBB or in cyberspace. Why? We abide by our agreements and simply apply the Golden Rule: treat others person-ably as we would like to be treated with consideration, fairness and respect.

To be continued at…

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hi! I’m Fred, one of the authors of Silver Gold Buyers... If by chance you are consulting the stars as to where to do business, according to my Horoscope you’ll get fair and honest deal doing business with me… Why, astrologically speaking, I’m honest, generous and sympathetic. Into love, peace and serenity – not consumer complaints. I’d like to give you more than just an inch... because the times are indeed tough.  The whole yard?  Perhaps! But please, winter is coming, I still need my shirt to keep warm and the arm and the leg.

I’m the golden age senior with the silvery hair at Silver Gold Buyers. Have wheeled and dealed in metals since I was a child; traded coins since I was a paperboy. Have a knack for commercial art, writing, and doing business and find joy in contributing to much of the content and graphic layout for the Silver Gold Buyers’ Website. So, please leave the arm to type and the wise crackers here insists I shake a leg.

If you are tired of tire kicking... looking for the fair and square deal… the stars tell us -- you have linked to the right place at:  

Why? All the information you need to conduct a safe, secure and satisfactory sale, has been placed conveniently right at your fingertips. There’s nothing to lose. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

To be merrily continued at Silver Gold Buyers
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Is This a Good Time to Sell my Gold and Silver?


Why? No one, except God, has the crystal ball to reveal when the current all time high metal prices will collapse. It is said commodity prices take the steps slowly going up, and suddenly,when least expected, take the elevator down leaving most surprised folks "holding the bag". Odds of a timely, optimal sale are not in the average person's favor.  Only one in thirteen people who trade commodities do so successfully. 

According to the Wikipedia, here is an overview of what’s been happening with gold and silver prices:

Silver price
(yearly avg.)
Gold price
(yearly avg.)
2010 (thru October 13)

Here is the BIG PICTURE graphically of where the price of Gold is relative to inflation.

Current gold prices are at all time highs… ahead of inflation...

Click on image either above or below to open a new tab and calculate the effect of inflation (indirect taxation without representation) has had since 1913 on the purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar.

Now indeed may be a good time to sell! Especially to buy other things one may need at a relative bargain... Not too long ago around 2005 Gold was trading below $300 and Silver below $4.00 an ounce.
What goes up will come down... 

Keep in mind silver and gold prices are illusory. Like the stock market, what one thinks they may have can vanish in a flash. Precious metals are commodities... not money in the bank. Prices are volatile, and subject to change. Fear, greed, speculation, manipulation is what rules the marketplace... and on sobering occasion as sanity sets in -- a proper price adjustment is made based on the reality of supply and demand…

So, if you sense “the time is right!” -- Do the right thing! For the sake of Homeland Security do some prospecting around the house.  Become a patriot!  Join the “GREEN PARTY” Recycle what is salvageable! Rehabilitate what can be mended! And resell what is no longer of interest. Put America's Recovery to work! Begin your stimulating Holiday cashing in story -- and your cheerful shopping spree around town – by doing business with us.

At Silver Gold Buyers we are on GREEN ALERT!  Here to help you go for the GREEN! Simply click on the link below to set the wheels of commerce in motion. 

All the information you need to conduct a safe, secure and satisfactory transaction is conveniently placed right at your fingertips. Ship the goods! ...with confidence -- all shipments are processed the day they arrive; payment authorized within 24 hrs. Your satisfaction: 100% guaranteed.

To be cheerfully continued at Silver Gold Buyers

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How to sell Gold and Silver...

Keep it Sweet and Simple:

Do business with

All the things you need to know on how to conduct a safe, secure, satisfactory transaction conveniently are placed at your fingertips... There's nothing to lose. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
How we do business:
1. Identify, List and Evaluate Salable Goods.
How do I identify my salable goods? View the Silver Gold Buyers Website: pictorial Glossary, Gallery of What We Buy, check out our daily updated advertised Buy Prices, use the Contact Us link to confirm interest in purchasing other items not specifically price listed and use the Silver, Gold, and Coin Estimator to determine if your estimate settlement price at present market conditions is to your satisfaction.
2. Read Silver Gold Buyers’ Terms & Conditions.
We are in business to provide customers with an INSTANT CASH fair wholesale market value on a variety of goods. By delivering prompt, courteous and professional service we are intent on making your selling experience with Silver Gold Buyers not only interesting and informative, but also profitable and pleasant. To ensure your satisfaction in advance, please view our Buy Prices Flyer, preview your estimated price settlement on the Silver, Gold, and Coin Estimator and if current market conditions are agreeable accept the Terms & Conditions that lead to our fair exchange agreement.
3. Fill out the Packing Slip Form.
Briefly and concisely describe your shipment on the Silver Gold Buyers packing slip.
4. Package Your Items.
Properly pack your shipment. Place items in suitable containers. Use a “Zip-Lock” bag, or aluminum foil to contain small items and place them in a padded envelope or Pak. Use bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts, etc. to secure items in small, medium, or large boxes. Use bank bags and/or steel can with security seals for shipping coins and scrap metal in excess of 20 lbs. Links leading to FREE shipping supplies, instructions on how to properly pack, and ship and packing services at the carrier of your choice (FedEx, U.S. Postal Service, United Parcel Service) are listed on the Silver Gold Buyers Website to suit your needs.
5. Send your shipment*
Select the shipping option (FedEx, USPS, UPS…) that best suits your needs. FREE preaddressed shipping labels are available online. Insure adequately.
Silver Gold Buyers
14837 Detroit Ave. #351
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
*Return Policy with Plated or Problematic Goods. Click to Expand
6. Immediate payment!
All packages are processed the day they arrive. Payment authorized within 24 hrs.

To be continued at Silver Gold Buyers...

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is it Gold? Silver? Platinum?

We’ve all heard the admonition: “All that glitters is not gold.” The eyes can be deceiving… Precious Metals are not always what they may appear to be... So, how can a home prospector -- suffering a touch of gold fever -- be able to separate salvageable “pay dirt” from worthless “tailings”? ...A poor fellow not wishing to appear to be foolish may ask.
At Silver Gold Buyers we go to great length to enable prospective customers to know if what they have is salable, that is, solid gold, platinum or silver of commercial value or if the product is merely plated or made of base metal and generally not worth the selling bother and fuss.
We begin by educating customers. A picture is worth a thousand words. Since brevity is the soul of wit. We try our best to keep it short and sweet. And simply -- via show and tell -- illustrate WHAT WE BUY and exemplify what we mean through a pictorial GLOSSARY. Our recently updated Silver FAQs, Gold FAQs and Coin FAQs conveniently link to a treasure trove of authoritative information, e.g., U.S. Government Mint, Smithsonian Museum, Wikepedia… and enable the curious to become a “Precious Metal Detective”, to learn the art of home prospecting with ease, and place relevant information on an "as needed basis" instantly at their fingertips.
According to Sherlock… the investigation of purported precious metal should start by carfully examining the article under a good magnifying glass or 10 X loop to find clues of the manufacturer and if the item bears quality marks indicating the material purity. The most frequently encountered hallmarks for Karat Gold jewelry are: 10K, 14K and 18K. In comparison, European gold jewelry is usually marked -- metrically -- in decimal notation: 417, 585, or 750. These marks indicate that an item is 41.7%, or 58.5% or 75% Gold by weight respectively. Platinum is usually marked (Plat.) or Platinum and is alloyed with (Ir) Iridium usually followed by 900 indicating a purity of 90%. Solid Silver is usually stamped Pure Silver or 999; Sterling or 925... 900 or 800… But there are numerous others, older or foreign quality marks, less frequently encountered, that indicate a an object is made or not made of solid precious metal. The website: provides an extensive complillation and illustration of just about every hallmark known to man.
But just like one may not believe everything they see, they too should not believe in everything they read… words, symbols and numbers can be deceiving. Quality marks can overstate, mislead... And from time to time they may prove to be just downright fake: counterfeit; intended to defraud unwary buyers. History proves it is indeed a cruel BUYER/SELLER BEWARE! …world out there. It pays to be cautious and circumspect...
For example, not all of the so called “Karat Gold” is plumb. The gold content of an item may have been reduced by soldering. German Silver is actually a copper/nickel/zinc that more frequently is referred to as Nickel Silver. This silvery-like alloy goes under a long list of other misleading names... Nickel Silver merely resembles silver, but its chemical composition in fact contains no silver at all. Silver and Gold Plated items contain only trace amount of precious metals on their surface. The thickness is so thin that it is measured in angstroms (i.e., by the number of atoms).
The “Acid Test” is the real Moment of Truth… Why? Gold and Platinum do not react with concentrated Nitric Acid. And an item’s fineness can be determined by comparing a test strip against known sample strips rubbed across a touch stone. When acid is applied to the strips -- observing the rate at which the test strip dissolves relative to the strips of known fineness provides a reasonable indicator of the materials purity.
Although a 10K Gold does not react with a drop of Concentrated Nitric Acid, the color of a 10K item will darken at the tested surface. In comparison, 14K, 18K, and Platinum, neither react, nor do they exhibit any change in color in the presence of concentrated Nitric Acid.
On silver, a drop of concentrated Nitric on Silver forms a creamy splotch of Silver Nitrate. If the item, however, turns green, blue or black the item is either plated or base metal.
A quick test for gold plated or gold like costume jewelry is to simply rub the item on a test stone, and then apply a drop of acid to the abraded strip to see if it dissolves. If the strip dissolves immediately, the item is either plated or base metal that does not contain gold.
But just because the test strip does not dissolve, should not be taken as proof positive an item is made of solid gold. The situation still warrants further investigation in order to rule out the possibility the item may be gold filled: i.e., base metal with a layer of karat gold bonded to the surface. To determine whether or not that is the case, the surface of the item should be pierced, penetrated or notched with a drill or file the cavity or notch and then tested for base metal. If the newly exposed surface discolors (turns green, blue or black) when concentrated acid is applied, the material is not solid gold.
But even at this point, one should not draw a hasty conclusion… Why? Fork-tongued counterfeiters are very bold, creative and crafty creatures. And there are other deceptive fakes, and scams that on occasion can may seemingly run the gantlet of the Acid Test if one is rushed and does not patiently and carefully observe what is happening with the material.
For example, a Rhodium plated Stainless Steel class ring I once examined passed the Acid Test. Although the ring was hallmarked 10K, did not react with concentrated Nitric Acid, and when notched… did not turn green, blue or black where it had been pierced and tested. Yet, something about the ring was “fishy”. It just didn’t seem to have the right heft for gold class ring.
Although 10K gold does not react with Nitric Acid; it does slightly change in color on the tested surface… That did not happen in the suspect case. The conclusive evidence the item was not gold, simply came through caution and patient observation. The clue: taking notice there was a slight bubbling occuring in the acid where the ring's surface had been notched and tested. As Dr. Watson would surmise… the rogue's metal was base: the Nitric Acid was reacting with the alloy, albeit slowly and releasing bubbles of Hydrogen Gas. That should not occur with gold or platinum. Ergo, the ring is a fake.
A word of caution! Concentrated Nitric Acid is an extremely hazardous, toxic, and corrosive chemical… It should be used with all due safety precautions. Even a single eye drop of the acid -- is capable of causing serious bodily injury or property damage.

To be continued at Silver Gold Buyers...

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding the real deal...

How do I know I’m getting a fair shake?

How? Folks, don't simply take our word the price is right... Shop! The news has it that it is indeed a wicked “Seller/Buyer Beware!” world out there... It’s been that way from time immemorial. It pays to be circumspect: Find who's a serious buyer; giving a "real deal" and who is not. Check out the Pawn Shops, Jewelers, Coin Dealers, Itinerant Gold Buyers, and Antique & Collectible Dealers...
We cut our overhead to the bone to be more competitive. "If you can find a better deal... take it!" That’s what truly service is all about: providing customer with the best deal. We are confident you will find choosing to your liking, convenient, confidential and considerate… well worth your while. Why? True satisfaction is something you should cheerfully take to the bank... Not only are the prices greener on our side of the fence, but we try harder! We buy more, pay more and provide more service. Our true mission is to please. Thrill you with service…
Indeed, we want it -- your business – humbly scraps and all! … Not just the choice cherry-picking the light and easy treasures: “mail-me-the-gold goodies in the envelope” stuff, but that musty, dusty, hefty mule pack – “the laborious motley mix of miscellany” – the “whole kit and caboodle” – scrounged up, put together, package deal of all sorts of odds and ends used to scrape up some extra Holiday cash -- most fast-talking, fly-by nighters shun.
Why? We believe work is “good”. It keeps one healthy. …Idleness… the workshop of politicians. Recycling, rehabilitating and reselling items no longer in use, or needed or wanted eliminates waste, saves energy and stimulates business activity. More work and more service generate the green economy customers appreciate most: namely, more money to buy what they need and want.
You are the boss. When you decide “the price is right!” …Do the right thing! Join the "Green Party". Spirit us and America into work! And begin your delightful cashing in story -- and cheerful Holiday shopping spree around town… doing business with us. We are reliably at your service. Simply click the links that set the wheels of trade and commerce in motion. All the information you need to conduct a safe, secure and satisfactory transaction is right at your fingertips. Ship the goods! ...with confidence -- all shipments are processed the day they arrive; payment authorized within 24 hrs. Your satisfaction: 100% guaranteed: contractually in writing.
Keep in mind… Silver Gold Buyers' customers are never pressured to sell. They choose to sell because they value our business integrity, appreciate our courteous service and they are happy :) the price is right! In accord with our agreement… if you submit your precious metal items for a fair offer and are not satisfied with the price, we will promptly return the items at our expense.
We are not only out to make your selling experience interesting and informative, but also a most profitable and pleasant experience as well. One you will be glad to repeat and share with family and friends.
To be continued…
Silver Gold Buyers

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What’s my gold / silver worth?

What’s my stuff worth?

How do I know what my stuff is worth? We begin by educating our customers in how to identify what items are of commercial interest… and what items (e.g., silver plate, costume jewelry) are not. Knowledge is power. It acquaints one with the truth. And the facts of the matters are what enable us to make wise decisions. To help customers separate “pay dirt” from the “tailings” while prospecting in the drawers, dressers, shelves, and other nooks and crannies around the house or at local garage sales, flea markets and stuff -- we have expanded our FAQs to explain things that often cause confusion as to what is hard to sell trash from salable treasure.
We make it very easy to decide if a customer wants to parlay. How? We speak in tongues… Money is a universal language that talks in strange and mysterious ways... We are neither afraid nor ashamed to publish or broadcast our buy prices. We are in business to buy at fair and reasonable wholesale prices, and competitively we go to great length to ensure our prices are tops. We are not about wasting each other’s valuable time with gaggling nonsense. We get right down to business. And let you know straight up… what we can pay for your goods by providing access to a FREE online DIY (Do It Yourself) Estimator.
One may ask: “How does the Silver Gold Buyers online DIY ESTIMATOR work?” To obtain a FREE INSTANT CASH ESTIMATE of an item, identify the type of salable silver, gold or coins. For example, is the item a Class Ring or Sterling Silverware, or a roll of Wheat Pennies, or some other collectible item of interest? Once identified, the next step is to determine the specific quality of the merchandise. For example, is the item 10K, or 999 Pure Silver, or 900 Plat, or a collectible item? Our extensive FAQ’s are designed to help one find the important, relevant information they may need. The last step of course is to measure the quantity (i.e., the weight in grams, pennyweights, postal or troy ounces or pounds) or in the case of coins – simply count the coins, or rolls, or sets for sale.
To obtain “Today’s Price” (what we are currently paying on gold, silver or frequently traded U.S. & Foreign Coins), simply select and enter the descriptive facts, then click on the Estimate Value and preview the bottom line. Our buy prices are determined by the quality and quantity silver, or gold or type of coins submitted for sale, factor in market volatility and, if significantly affected by a change in metal prices – fairly adjusted according to spot close of metals on the date your shipment is processed.
You are now empowered -- in the driver’s seat – in charge from there: That is, make an informed, comparable and objective selling decision: a wise decision… in your best interest, to your complete price satisfaction and does not leave matters to hype, or guess or hope... that price you will be fair and satisfactory or put you at needless risk for a rude awakening or disenchantment...

To be continiued...

Silver Gold Buyers

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