Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding the real deal...

How do I know I’m getting a fair shake?

How? Folks, don't simply take our word the price is right... Shop! The news has it that it is indeed a wicked “Seller/Buyer Beware!” world out there... It’s been that way from time immemorial. It pays to be circumspect: Find who's a serious buyer; giving a "real deal" and who is not. Check out the Pawn Shops, Jewelers, Coin Dealers, Itinerant Gold Buyers, and Antique & Collectible Dealers...
We cut our overhead to the bone to be more competitive. "If you can find a better deal... take it!" That’s what truly service is all about: providing customer with the best deal. We are confident you will find choosing to your liking, convenient, confidential and considerate… well worth your while. Why? True satisfaction is something you should cheerfully take to the bank... Not only are the prices greener on our side of the fence, but we try harder! We buy more, pay more and provide more service. Our true mission is to please. Thrill you with service…
Indeed, we want it -- your business – humbly scraps and all! … Not just the choice cherry-picking the light and easy treasures: “mail-me-the-gold goodies in the envelope” stuff, but that musty, dusty, hefty mule pack – “the laborious motley mix of miscellany” – the “whole kit and caboodle” – scrounged up, put together, package deal of all sorts of odds and ends used to scrape up some extra Holiday cash -- most fast-talking, fly-by nighters shun.
Why? We believe work is “good”. It keeps one healthy. …Idleness… the workshop of politicians. Recycling, rehabilitating and reselling items no longer in use, or needed or wanted eliminates waste, saves energy and stimulates business activity. More work and more service generate the green economy customers appreciate most: namely, more money to buy what they need and want.
You are the boss. When you decide “the price is right!” …Do the right thing! Join the "Green Party". Spirit us and America into work! And begin your delightful cashing in story -- and cheerful Holiday shopping spree around town… doing business with us. We are reliably at your service. Simply click the links that set the wheels of trade and commerce in motion. All the information you need to conduct a safe, secure and satisfactory transaction is right at your fingertips. Ship the goods! ...with confidence -- all shipments are processed the day they arrive; payment authorized within 24 hrs. Your satisfaction: 100% guaranteed: contractually in writing.
Keep in mind… Silver Gold Buyers' customers are never pressured to sell. They choose to sell because they value our business integrity, appreciate our courteous service and they are happy :) the price is right! In accord with our agreement… if you submit your precious metal items for a fair offer and are not satisfied with the price, we will promptly return the items at our expense.
We are not only out to make your selling experience interesting and informative, but also a most profitable and pleasant experience as well. One you will be glad to repeat and share with family and friends.
To be continued…
Silver Gold Buyers

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