Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Duck the Scams...

Things are not always as "ducky" as the seem!

If it's too good to be true, it probably is.  At times it can in deed be a cruel "Buyer and Seller" world out there -- when you least expect it.  So, watch your back! Or you might get "ducked!" It pays to be circumspect.

Here’s a consumer checklist to avoid getting scammed selling precious metals?

1.    Size up the character(s) of the person or the organization with whom you are considering doing business:

c  Are they licensed and legit?     
c  Are they knowledgeable, experienced professionals?
c  Are they reputable and reliable?

c  Are they personable, respectful and courteous?

c  Are there any complaints to the BBB?

2.    Engage in critical thinking:

c  Is the urgent offer self serving hype or worthwhile fact?

c  What is the real deal?  Are prices published? Or am getting I blind sided?

c  Am I making an emotional mistake or factually informed, wise decision?

c  Do I know in advance how much money will I get? Or am I at risk for a rude awakening? Can I refuse an unreasonable offer?

c  Are my goods safe and insured?  Can I track my package?
c  How soon will I get paid?

c  Is my satisfaction and the transaction contractually guaranteed?

3.    Be circumspect:

c  Can I compare prices and services?

c  What in fact are others paying?

c  Is the deal fair and reasonable?

To avoid having your wallet unwittingly picked visit us Silver Gold Buyers.  Silver Gold Buyers mission is to provide courteous, prompt, and professional service and guarantee your complete satisfaction.  We have testimonials to the fact.  We are licensed to conduct business… done business for years...  No BBB complaints… We publish our prices...  our scales are certified by the State.  You'll be paid fairly according to the quantity and quality of your merchandise at current market prices at the time of processing.  All the things you need to conduct a safe, secure, and satisfactory transaction are conveniently placed at your fingertips.

To be safely continued at Silver Gold Buyers...  

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