Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why do Business with Silver Gold Buyers?



Silver Gold Buyers mission is to provide courteous, prompt, and professional service and guarantee your satisfaction.  We have customer testimonials that attest our higher prices and superior services as fact.  We are legitimate: licensed to conduct business buying old gold, silver, jewelry -- antiques and collectibles and do so in accord with law. 

We help you raise more $$$ CASH $$$.  How? …By having you "clean up" around the house, by teaching you how to become domestic prospector for the sake of Homeland Financial Security, and by humbly explaining how to identify and sell gold and silver scrap, and other unwanted or unneeded items of value, which otherwise would just be lying around, idly, collecting dust.  We illustrate what constitutes “pay dirt” and what constitutes merely “glitter” and authoritatively answer frequently asked questions. 

Silver Gold Buyers then takes you to the next level… enables you to actually estimate the approximate value of the items you have in advance and how to go about selling them at a verifiably fair and reasonable competitive wholesale price. 

Yes!  We are deserving of your trust.  Our website speaks for itself.  We are energetic, creative and resourceful.  We are transparent in the manner which we conduct business. There are no rude awakenings…  You know the real deal IN ADVANCE.  We are neither ashamed nor afraid to publish our prices. We tell it like it is... If our current buy prices are to your satisfaction send the goods and get paid.  What you see is what you get… fair market value and superior service. 

We are indeed out to serve: We are experienced, hard working, done business for years...  purchased millions of dollars worth of goods… no complaints to the BBB… our scales are certified by the State.  You will be paid… measure for measure… according to the quantity and quality of your goods at the time of processing at current prices.  Your satisfaction is contractually guaranteed.   

KISS OPTION:  In the event, weighing, examining, testing, appraising, number crunching and traipsing around town in and out of shops haggling like a fish monger just is not your thing...  We understand.  We’ve been there. Done that… And like you we know there are fun things we’d rather do. 

So, we’ll KEEP IT SWEET AND SIMPLE. And do the math homework and testing for you… and spare you shoe leather, gas and probably a lot of time and aggravation by letting serious money talk quietly and simply send you the check for your approval.  After all, we record, test and evaluate all incoming silver and gold as a matter of standard verification procedure.  

Silver Gold Buyers' customers are never pressured to sell.  They choose to sell because they value our integrity, appreciate our courteous service and they are happy the price is right!  If you submit your precious metal items for a fair offer and are not satisfied with the price, in keeping with our agreement we will promptly return the items at our expense.

We believe work is “good”, keeps one healthy and makes life sweet.  Recycling what is scrap saves the world’s energy, mending what is broken creates work and value, and reselling what is no longer needed or wanted by one person to another serves others needs.  More service generates more $$$ GREEN $$$ to buy what folks need and want.

So do the right thing! become a GREEN PATRIOT!  Join the “GREEN PARTY!” Recycle what is salvageable! Rehabilitate what can be mended! And resell what is no longer of interest! Help put America's Recovery to work! Idleness is the workshop of our politicians... Begin your stimulating HAPPY HOLIDAY cashing in story -- and your cheerful shopping spree around town – by doing GREENER business with us.    

At Silver Gold Buyers we are on standby GREEN ALERT!  Here to help you GO FOR THE $$$ GREEN $$$.  Patriotically click on the link below to set the wheels of commerce in motion and by all means avoid the LESSCASH4GOLD Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing!  All the things you need to conduct a safe, secure and satisfactory sale are conveniently placed at your fingertips..

We are not only out to make your Happy Holiday selling experience interesting and informative, but also a most profitable and pleasant experience as well.  One you will be glad to repeat and share with family and friends.

Thank you for your interest, consideration and doing business!

To be merrily continued at Silver Gold Buyers

Copyright © 2010 Silver Gold Buyers


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