Thursday, December 9, 2010

Need some Holiday Cash?

Indeed the wrong guy to see:
The Holiday Season should be a time of "giving" and not of the greedy charlatans "taking" advantage of the needy in the dark.  So, in keeping with the bright and generous spirit of Christmas, we at Silver Gold Buyers have cut expenses to the bone, turned on the light and delight with prices and put "the heat" on the competition as we generously pass savings along to our customers to promote the true spirit of the times. 

The record high prices we pay and the quality service we provide are among the best one can find in America. For example, recently, when silver went above $30/t-oz. we were paying as much as $19 per dollar for common silver coins dated 1964 and earlier, and $20 and up for Silver Dollars in presentable condition.  

In contrast, our stingy competition, has been blasting the unwary as to the price of eggs and butter on TV  and been gulling folks into accepting as little as $6 per dollar on common silver coins.  Now that's what we mean in saying you should not be doing business with nasty fellow SCROOGE4GOLD unless you are a masochist and joy having others beat you on price. 
At Silver Gold Buyers, we are not about "beating" our customers.  We're out to beat the "kinky" competition with a past due real deal price thrashing they well deserve.  As consumer advocates, we are at your instant green service to recycle what is scrap, to restore what is salvageable and resell whatever others may need...   Permit us to be your personal lean and mean "square deal" money making machine.  Teach you the fine art of "home prospecting" and  send that cheap Uncle Scrooge a piece of coal and sell your silver and gold to us.    

If you are looking for more Holiday Cash take advantage of record high prices for your silver and gold at fair market value.  Come visit us at Silver Gold Buyers and see what a truly Happy Holiday Deal can really be.

All the things you need to conduct a safe, secure and satisfactory sale are conveniently placed at your fingertips... 

We are not only out to make your Happy Holiday selling experience interesting and informative, but also a most profitable and pleasant experience as well.  One you will be glad to repeat and merrily share with family and friends around the Christmas Tree.

Happy Holidays from Silver Gold Buyers!

Thank you for your interest in doing "more", your kind consideration and doing business!

To be cheerfully continued at Silver Gold Buyers

Copyright © 2010 Silver Gold Buyers


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