Friday, December 3, 2010

...Top Prices for Gold and Silver?

Where? Show Me the Money!
Go To Silver Gold Buyers!

Considering selling your silver and gold?  It pays to know what you have, estimate the value and shop the price.  Why?  Buy Prices vary.  The cost of doing business is not the same. Companies with high overhead who pay big rent, spend hundreds of thousands on advertising and lavish themselves with princely salaries simply cannot afford to be as generous to the public as companies who run a tighter ship: are not extravagant, operate more efficiently and pass savings on to their customers.

Show me the $$$ Money $$$?  To identify, evaluate, and comparatively price your goods visit the Silver Gold Buyers Website.  View our pictorial Glossary, Gallery of What We Buy... explore the FAQs, see How to Sell your goods to get the BIG PICTURE.  Check out our daily updated advertised Buy Prices of often traded silver and gold items.  Use the Contact Us link to confirm mutual interest in purchasing other items not specifically price listed. The Silver, Gold, and Coin Estimator will help you determine in advance if your estimate settlement price at current market conditions is to your satisfaction.  If the price is right... accept the Terms and Conditions that lead to our fair exchange agreement, ship the goods and get paid immediately.

Are we competitive?  Yes we are! Try us!  We guarantee you'll like our prices and our services.  Why?  We work harder and smarter ...focused on being fair, reasonable and customer friendly.  Everything you need to conduct a safe, secure and satisfactory transaction is conveniently placed at the command of your fingertips in order to minimize the cost of doing business and to maximize your satisfaction.  

But don't just take our word our prices are tops. Shop!  It’s a “Seller and Buyer Beware!” world out there... Be circumspect... Check out the local Pawn Shops, Jewelers, Coin Dealers, Itinerant Gold Buyers, Antique and Collectibles Dealers...  

Oh Brr!  The weather is getting wintry and you're not basking on the beach in Florida...  If you prefer to stay warm, and cozy -- not waste time, gas and patience only to find yourself out in the cold, stiffed and numb -- simply let your limber fingers do the walking out in cyberspace: just compare us to some of the popular websites that often are just hawking, talking and squawking on the news:  Cash4Gold, Gold Fellow,  My Gold Envelope650Gold, Gold RushGoldPaqDollars4GoldCashForGoldUSAGetGoldCashBroken Gold...

Our website is designed to enable you to sensibly shop and compare prices and services and determine in advance which deal is to your satisfaction, and thereby avoid the risk of sellers remorse or a hassle or a rude awakening...

We believe true satisfaction is something customers should delightfully take to the bank.  So we  hope to deal with you soon, knowing you are well served with the happier and the most satisfying price --  and like the young lady depicted above -- watch you merrily journey off to an exciting shopping spree with the real load of CASH  ...wishing you Happy Holidays!

To be continued "bestfully" at Silver Gold Buyers...

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