Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fair Exchange is no Robbery

How to exchange what you don't want for what your do...

As the global recession bites deeper, trading in salvageable goods is becoming more and more fashionable.   Many folks are turning to bartering and the ancient art of haggling these days to ensure they get what they want at a price they can afford. 

Our mission at Silver Gold Buyers is to facilitate and promote trade.  Our website is designed to take the mystery, the labor and the apprehension out converting old gold, silver, coins and other items of interest conveniently online for INSTANT CASH!

$$$ Money $$$ is generally anything that is accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts.

The question a cash seeker may ask is what items are of INSTANT CASH interest? What is these item worth? How much will I receive? Is this a fair shake? How can I compare prices? How do I go about selling my unwanted goods? ...know my insured goods are safe? ...track my shipment?  How soon will I be paid?

How? Visit our website:  Check our services out!  All the things you need to conduct a safe, secure and satisfactory sale are conveniently placed at your fingertips. We are not only out to make your selling experience interesting and informative, but also most profitable and pleasant as well. And experience you will be glad to repeat, share with family and friends and cheerfully take to the bank.

As illustrated: ”Fair exchange is not Robbery.  To that end, we are the “babes in the Etsy Woods” committed to providing fair market value, courteous and professional service to your purrrrrrfect satisfaction.   

Should you wish to buy anything at our store, we will give you a 10% discount on item(s) proportionate to the amount you have sold us in exchange.

Thank you for your interest, consideration and doing business with Silver Gold Buyers. And do not hesitate to Contact Us if we can be of service.

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